Review of Miss Nails nail polishes

If you follow me in Instagram, you will know that I recently bought three nail polishes from Miss Nails. I have been eyeing them since I saw them regularly in the feed of @justadelhigirl. I got a matte, a effects and a Hi-Gloss ones. I also posted the nail art I created with them on 9th July in my Instagram page. So it has been two weeks I am wearing them, and so here is my review of these nail polishes. I got them during the offer of buy 2 get 1 free; so my final bill was Rs. 323 with flat shipping rate of Rs. 25.
But first, a picture of how I am using the thermocol packaging box the polishes came in 😀😀😀😀

Now let’s get on with the reviews.

Miss Nails Hi-Gloss Polish: Lady Luck


It is a pretty pink color with a shine. The name of the shade is written on the side, above the bar code.


The opposite side had all the social accounts. It is same for all three.


The back side is same for all; it declares the five harmful items the polishes do not have along with company details.


The bottom has the manufacturing date. It however did not have any best before date!



The nail polish was very thin and free flowing. It is hardly visible on the applicator if you just dip and open it. Also it needed about 4 coats to become opaque. It also took a lot of time to dry. However, it lasted well. There was no chirping even when my nail broke. And it is still shiny after two weeks.




Miss Nails Effect polish: Too Silver

The look and size of this polish was same as the Gloss. The color is silver with little silver glitters in it. On the website, it is under the category sparkling sugar.


The name is written on the side as the Gloss, but it also mentions the expiry date, which is 3 years. However, the manufacturing date is missing in the bottom. Also, the bottle was very hard to open; I had to use my teeth to open it, damaging the handle!!




This one is my favorite of the three. I thought it was a top coat when I bought it, but it surprised me by being thick and saturated enough to become opaque in one coat. There was no fallout, even after two weeks. And it still feels little textured when I rub my finger over my nail. It also has not chipped at all. The polish is quite thick unlike others of this type and so spreads very easily on nails. And it dried quite fast as well.




Miss Nails Matte Polish: Choco Loco


The matte polish is mauvish nude in color. Everything is the same as the other two, only this one has both manufacturing date and expiry date!!




The polish turned matte the moment it touched my nails. It is almost opaque in one coat, but for the color to come out good, you need two. It seems to dry up instantly, but can be damaged if you press it. Still, it dried up completely quite fast. Among the three, this has chipped the most in two weeks, but in one nail only. The other nail is fine, even when the nail broke.



Final words

For 149 Rs, these polishes are a great bargain. The mattes are definitely better than the Gloss. Size wise, they are more economical than Stay Quirky ones that are about 6 ml and around same price range; but Miss Nails triumph over them because you are getting 10 ml. Which is why I will rate them over both Sugar polishes as well as Nykaa ones because though they provide similar result but are costlier. Another great thing about the polish is that, it promises not to leave yellow nails behind! And it didn’t! After removing the polishes (I used the nail wipes from Dabur NewU nail polish remover pads) none of them looked yellow! The Hi gloss one was easiest to remove and the effect one the hardest because of the texture, but one wipe removed everything. You may have difficulty removing the effect polish (the variant was sparkling sugar) with a cotton ball because it will stick to the little glitter particles. And the particles do tend to spread on the sides when you are removing it.


As for cons, I did not like was their information sharing in bottles; some had more information than others. It should be same, in my opinion. Secondly, it is not easily available online. Only Amazon seems to stock it, but very few colors are available. Also the bottles look different. So the best option is to buy from their website.

In conclusion, if you are a nail polish hoarder like me, do check them out.  They have some great colors; but if I am buying again, I will be going for the matte ones because they have better color range.

Hope you like the review. Do tell if you have used this brand and what your experience was.




Jagga Jasoos: A Review 

Recently watched the movie Jagga Jasoos and was stuck with how much nostalgia the movie invoked in me

If you are a child of 80s from a middle class bengali “bhadralok” family, there are certain things you did growing up. You read Tintin in Bengali in Anandamela, waited for their yearly pujo barshiki edition to read the adventure of Gogol, Feluda, Kakababu Santu, Arjun and others. You had your own famous five in form of Pancha Pandav, and eagerly waited for their latest escapade. Your parents insisted you see or took you to see movies like “Goopi gyan bhaga byan”, “Hirok Rajar deshe” and discussed if not with you, then in front of you,  about plays, movies by the great directors like Satyajit Ray or Ritvik Ghatak. You knew what was happening in the world because your father hotly debated about them with his friends from all kinds of political parties in their weekly card games and insisted that you read the newspaper. Why I am saying all these? Because Jagga Jasoos is what happens when you grow up Bengali and remember your childhood.


I don’t know how old Anurag Basu is, but after seeing the movie, I am sure he is a 80s kid like me. I won’t spoil the fun by telling you the story, but I will tell what I felt after watching the movie. First of all, it is a visual treat. There is a comic book feel to it, especially, as said before, in the tune of Tintin. Even the hair of Ranbir was designed like that!! Second the music. It is funny and the rhymed dialogues or songs that Jagga sings, are so reminiscent of the dialogues between Hirok raja and his courtiers.



Ranbir is excellent as the teenage detective, he has that young innocent face that makes you undergo “a suspension of disbelief” and accept him as a young boy. Saswata is our Generation’s Utpal Dutta; he can make you laugh as a common man getting a genie to fulfill all his wishes, give you the chills as the most cold blooded contact killer, and here,  make you laugh in one scene and then make you cry in next. Katrina was ok, she was perfect as the foreign returned bumbling journalist.


Now whether the movie will be a hit or not depends on who is watching. If it is someone like me, it will be a journey back to your childhood when Puja holiday meant new detective stories. But I can understand that very few people will get the joke of a hotel named “Agapastala” or a station called “Tiktiki” or a country called “Shundi”. They may not connect the pair running through a grass field to catch a steam train with the scene of two siblings running through “Kashphool” to catch a glimpse of a steam train. Or how the knife throwing scene made me remember another favorite childhood movie, “Jai Baba Felunath”. I understood the need for Mr. Basu to add a segment about what is happening in the world and how much apathy we middle class have towards problems not affecting us directly. And I loved it and so did my mom and most audience in the hall. The fact that my hard to please eldest son also enjoyed the movie gives me hope that  today’s video game and YouTube generation will also enjoy this madcap adventure.


So if you have not watched the movie yet, catch it as soon as possible. And take your children too for it is truly a family movie.

Review of Aerth Natural Products

Recently got two products from the all-natural brand Aerth Naturals in a subscription box, and here is a review of them

Hi there friends, hope you are all doing well. I know I am writing a post after a long time, but I promise you, I will be boring you in coming weeks because I have plenty of posts planned (I was using products I wanted to review). So let’s start with today’s products.

Today I am going to review two products from Aerth Natural. Both of them came as part of a subscription box, and as usual I have forgotten which one and which month!! But most probably in May. Anyway, the brand is all natural and is SLEs free, SLS free, Paraben free and they don’t taste on animals. Also no artificial fragrance is used in their product. They are based in Uttarakhand.

Aerth Naturals Hair Protein Pack

So going ahead, the first product on review is their Hair Protein Pack. It came in a zip lock pouch with the subscription box, but in Amazon, they are available in bottles. The price for 150 gm is Rs 325 which is highly reasonable, because, it clearly instructs that until you have a massively damaged hair, you shouldn’t use it more than once in a month! Yes, you read it right, you have to use it once a month. Which is why the expiry date is also very less, mine is manufactured in March with October as the expiry month. If you have long hair and not short like mine, you will finish it before that. The key ingredients include green grams, black grams, soyabean, sesame, fenugreek, curry leaves (I know, I know it sounds more like a recipe for a dish than hair pack!), ginger lily, Almond powder and Vacha (which I have no idea about).





So I took it to my downstairs neighbor/friend/hair stylist/beautician, and we planned on doing it on both of our hairs. The instructions were to mix the powder with either banana, curd, raw milk or egg; and we decided to go with egg. We used 1 egg for about 3/4th cup product. As per instruction, we kept it aside for an hour. After an hour, it looked something like this:


And smelled horrible!!!


It applied easy, there was not much dripping. My hair looked like this after the application:




As it started to dry up, the hair became very stiff, which I think was more due to the egg than the pack. This is how I looked after 1.5 hours and just before going to bath:




The instruction said to wash it off with lukewarm water and my hair did feel soft afterwards, but the smell of raw egg was just yuck! So I applied my shampoo but did not use conditioner. I just used my Biotique leave in serum for color treated hair instead, after drying my hair.

My opinion: I have used it just once, but it looked promising on the first try. I purposefully did not wash my hair for the next five days, and it stayed soft and well nourished! There was a shine to the hair and I noticed almost no hair fall. So I will say a good buy. But as with any product, it depends on individual. For example, my neighbor was not that impressed with it. Also next time, I am not using egg for sure!


Aerth Naturals Body Ubtan with Oats


Now let’s go the the Body Ubtan. This is a oats body ubtan and the main ingredients were wheat flour, barley, oats, chickpeas, turmeric, licorice, Ashwagandha or winter cherry and Trifala. It came in a 100 gm jar and the price is Rs 325. The expiry date is decent, a year.







As per the instruction, you can mix it with raw milk/curd/aloe vera or water and I preferred raw milk because my skin is very dry. I just took about 2 tablespoon as I meant to use it on my sons too. It looked something like this:




The instruction for use was to wet your body and apply it. So it is best to use in shower. The boring part will be the wait for 15 minutes or until it dries off completely. I opted for the second option and looked like a green alien!! Anyway it washed off well, of course your bathroom will be dirty, but the good news is, the residue melt in water and so it will go down the drain.

My opinion: This was the first ubtan I used that I bought. I generally use homemade one like one made with besan. And I was very happy with the result. My skin was squeaky clean and not dry at all. The result on my sons were more better; you know young boys and their neck!! It just cleaned all the dirt there! So a definite buy for me.


In conclusion, the products deliver on what it promises. I will definitely go for the ubtan; the hair pack I need to use one more time to be confident about. You can find them in Amazon here and here.

Until the next post, take care and stay beautiful.

Matrikas Creative Woman’s Journal: A Review 

Matrikas creative woman’s journal is designed keeping in mind today’s woman who love to create a space of their own.

When I was young, beginning of a year meant daddy bringing home new diaries. And I cajoled, pleaded and finally got the one that had one page for each day because those were best for writing diaries. Then life happened and now a days, the only diary that I am interested in are my sons school diary (which I dread because an entry there means one more complain against them).

So when I came to know about the Matrikas Journals that some of my blogger friends were raving about, I knew I had to get one. They are having a blogger contest and as part of it, they send me a copy of the journal, that I am going to review today. And like my childish diary entries, let me start it with:
Dear diary,

Today I like to talk about MatrikaS, a stationary company that makes notebooks, journals and Office stationary among other things. They are part of company with 47 years of experience in printing business. Made totally in India, one of their best sellers are their range of journals created especially for creative women of today. There are four options each enabling its women writers to “dream” symbolized by a journal that has butterfly on it’s cover, “fly” that has a dragonfly, “write” has a feather and “glide” has a fish.

The one that I got is “Write”. The cover is a luxurious satin cover, red in color, with small golden dots and a golden feather, like the ones used for writing before pen was created. Just touching it is so satisfying, I spend quite a few minutes caressing it when I laid my eyes on it.

There is a elastic side band and a loop at the back cover to hold a pen.


Now, dear diary, let me tell you why I am in love with this new journal of mine:

  • First, the quality of the paper. The pages are very smooth, writing on them is a dream and they are quite sturdy as well. Even if you use sketch pens, you will not see it soak through the pages.
  • This is not a calendar diary which means I can write my own dates and memories of what happened on that particular day; unlike a diary where you have to skip pages if you are not writing every day religiously.


  • The font used is so beautiful. It is a cursive font giving each page a very elegant and old world charm.
  • It is not just a journal, but an adult coloring book as well. The images are very soothing and is supposed to make you stress free if you colour it meticulously. I have already ordered a set of color pencils and can’t wait to paint the pictures.


  • Then there are about 4 pages of stickers that have all kinds of messages from listing your bucket list to sharing your Monday blues!! And of  course I had to use one already on my first entry, which is about my plans for my social media sites. (And keeping with font, I tried my best cursive handwriting!!!)

  • Then there are blank pages to jot down ideas or to doodle away. I have already used a page to note down recipes from my favorite cooking shows!!



  • Lastly, you have a contact list pages, a page to note down a list of places you like to visit as well as a page to list all the books you have read or want to read.



In conclusion, dear diary, I look forward to using each and every page in the journal.

P. S. I was send the copy free by the company but these views are 100% mine. If you are a stationary freak like me, don’t forget to order your copy from Amazon. They are priced at Rs 450, and comes with free shipping for those who have Amazon Prime. You can find them here in social media:





Review of Etude House BerryAHA range

Ever since I came to know about Korean skincare, and of sheetmasks, one brand that had captured by attention is Etude House. They are a leading Korean skin care and makeup brand and the first thing I used from them were their Royal Honey masks. So I was always looking out for other skincare products from the brand, as I saw Kbeauty commmunity in Instagram using them. However, finding Korean skincare brands in India and that too in affordable price; is a struggle! Thankfully, I came across a website called Cosmetic-Love.


The best thing about the website is that, they offer free shipping!! Shipping is perhaps the biggest reason I don’t shop so much from foreign based online stores because the shipping become costlier than the purchase amount!! But, saying that, I won’t encourge you to go for the free shipping because it has no tracking. I learnt it the hard way when my first order did not come. So the second time I ordered, I went for the tracking shipping which was a flat rate of about $3.

As usual, I digress. Let’s get back to Etude House. There were many prodcuts from the brand on sale, and I especially wanted the Berry AHA range of gel and scrub because I had seen a review of it in Instagram some days back. The price was not that high; but then i found that the website had a whole section for samples!! So I ordered not just the Gel and scrub (they came in a combo pack and ordered 3) as well as Serum from the range. They came last week, and I have already used it twice. And so so happy with the products. So without further delay let’s go for the review:

Berry AHA bright peel Mild Gel

There is 3 ml product in one portion. It is white in color and there were little beads in them. I applied it all over my damp face and rubbed slowly. Little beads of gunk started were coming out as I rubbed it. 

It was like rubbing besan on face, the texture was like that. Then I washed it off. There was no dryness and the face felt clean. There was some tingling in the face especially in the dry areas. 

Berry AHA bright peel 

The scrub had really micro beads that didn’t photograph well. The consistency was that of a cream but once I used them on the face, I could feel the beads rubbing gently on my face. The scrub was one of the mildest I have used so far. It did not hurt my face at all, which was little raw after the peel. The smell was  very light and soothing. 

The face was not dried at all and felt very clean after using the gel and the scrub. 

Berry AHA serum

The last step was using the serum. It came in a pack of three with 1 ml in each packet. 

The serum was thin and colorless. I patted it on my face and it was absorbed immediately. It was a little sticky immediately but it went away within minutes. I was left with a well moisturized and clean face. 

Final verdict

1. A very good set. If you are planning to buy only I product and full size go for the peel. It is really good. 

2. It is a bit pricey but a little goes a long way. And as I said, get the sample sizes if you are worrying about getting the full version. One packet is enough for 1 time use. 

3. Etude House products are now available in India, but you have to know where to look. Instagram is a good place to find sellers. Amazon India also stocks them but in inflated prices. 
Hope you like the review. Will you be interested in trying the Etude House Berry AHA range? Leave your comments below. And don’t forget to subscribe to me. 

Urban Muse: A Perfect Summer Perfume From StudioWest

I recently got Studiowest Urban Muse as a gift and loved its light summer notes.

StudioWest is the makeup,  skincare,  bath and body as well as perfume range from Westside. I have one of their nail polishes and when buying it, I tried out many of their bath and body care products as well as perfumes and liked their quality. Though there were enticing offers on the perfumes, I did not buy one because like everything else I have quite a many perfume! So,  I was pleasantly surprised when my friend gave me a bottle of Urban Muse as my birthday gift recently.

The package is simple; a green and orange leaves that forms an outline of a girl, on a white background. The name is written on the top left hand corner. The size is 100 ml and it is an Eau De Perfum which means it has 10 to 20% of perfume essence.


The back of the bottle is also simple; it gives a short description of notes and the information that the perfume is developed in France. Then there is ingredients list (very short just 4 items) and information on how to store it along with manufacturing and marketing details. The expiry and manufacturing dates are also clearly given as is the price (Rs 995).




The bottle shape is pretty standard; a rectangular bottle with a rectangular cap. The leaf design is also in the front of the bottle with the name of the perfume and nothing in the back. There is a sticker in the bottom telling again about the ingredients, price, hazards and other details. The color of the bottle is light green in color which is more visible in shade; the bottle looks almost colorless in light. It has a spray nozzle which is easy to spray.





Review: The description said that “Busting with lush notes of Mandarin bergamot and lavender this fresh green fragrance uplifts your senses while revitalizing your spirit”. The first smell that hits me is the smell of bergamot and mandarin. The smell is flowery, very light with a hint of spice. It reminded me of balmy summer mornings in a garden. The fragrance is perfect for those who don’t like very strong flowery smell. It is a perfect day fragrance (at least for me).

Pros: The smell is very pleasant not strong and the price is really affordable.

Cons: Not much details are given on the perfume notes ( I like to know a details of the perfume notes) and most importantly not very long lasting. On my wrists it hardly stayed for 2 to 3 hours.

Overall thoughts: A good choice for those who don’t like strong flower smell in their perfume and looking for a summer fragrance. It is also a good gift choice. As for buying it you have to visit the nearest Westside store as it is not available online.


Review of Not So Sweet Maria

Not So Sweet Maria: A Good Regency Romance To Spend Some Time With

I was given an ARC by the author and I am glad that I read it. For me a good book is one that will not make you stop reading it; I had read books till 4 AM because they are that good. So in that light, this book is something that will pick your interest but not enough to skip your sleep.

As for the story, it is about Maria whom the polite ton thinks as perfect embodiment of lady like virtue but who on the inside hates all of them because they are constantly judging her for her American mother. Her relationship with her step-grandmother is frosty though she (the grandmother) tries to break the ice. She is saving money by designing bonnets which is her hobby and selling them through an assumed name. The hero is also a Mr. Goody two shoes who believes, (like most regency heroes) that love is not needed in a marriage because his parents had a very disastrous marriage. So both agree to an arranged marriage without even seeing each other. But they meet under assumed name and identity and fall in love. Their meeting in actual identity keeps getting interrupted one way or another but ultimately, everything ends happily ever after, with some hiccups on the way.

So my issues with the story; first thing, the villains are there just for plot’s sake they don’t feel organic to the story. The character of Hardwick I found to be totally unnecessary. The second thing is that, characters start talking about their past and the narration is in first person and suddenly, it goes to third person. It is as if you are watching a show where a dialogue leads to a flashback scene. Lastly, I found it to be little hard to believe that Lady Maria who is so intelligent, cunning and observant, cannot see that the man she knows as Gareth and the duke she is getting married to (whose first name she knows is Gareth) is same person! Oh and the reason for the problems of the hero’s parent also felt very forced and anti-climatic.

In conclusion, I will be overlooking these things (and go for suspension of disbelief) and reading the next book by the author because she had interesting scenes and the characters were relatable. So best of luck to your next book.