Review Of Two Seer Secrets Products

I recently used Seer Secrets Cleanser and Bath Oil. Both of them are great and I love them. Read my experience with them.


Hi friends I am back with another review. This time it is going to be 2 amazing products from this brand called Seer Secret. I came across the brand through my Instagram friends and was immediately intrigued by the packaging as well as the ingredient list for all the products. They are available in Amazon and naturally I had to order them. I ordered the Jasmine & Orange Soothing Yogurt Enzyme Body Cleanser and Rose Geranium Deep Moisture Replenishing Bath & Shower oil because as you know I have a Sahara desert for a skin

So let’s start with the body cleanser.



It is Jasmine and orange yoghurt enzyme body cleanser and the main ingredients are: coconut derivative base, Aqua, Jasmine oil, Orange oil, Amla and Reetha extract, yoghurt extract, and lactic acid.



As per the instruction we should use it within 3 months of opening the pack but unopened, it can stay 12 months from the date of manufacturing. However the date of manufacturing is missing on the bottle; it might have been there in the packet it came in, but unfortunately I don’t have it with me anymore.



Any way to continue, as you can see from the ingredient list, the product is totally free of any kinds of chemicals or paraben and SLS. It comes in a pump bottle which is very easy to pump and when it came, it came with the lock so there was no chance of it leaking. The colour of the product is a pale yellow orange in bottle, but more nearly silver when you pump it.



The first smell that hits you is of Jasmine. The Jasmine smell is so soothing and fragrant that your bathroom will be filled with it at least one or two hours after you have taken your bath. It comes in a plastic bottle but a very sturdy plastic bottle and so if you like you can easily carry it when you are travelling

My experience with the product

I am in love with this ever since it came. I had opened Oriflame body shower which I have again kept aside because I can’t think of having a bath without this! You just need a little bit in your loafah and you can feel your body getting cleaned and refreshed with every movement. Even my hard to please husband is totally happy with this. It cleanses without drying your body and leaves a beautiful fragrance for at least half an hour after the bath as I said before. Jasmine is the predominant smell but as you shower, the smell of orange comes through.

The price of the product is around Rs 594 but there is always some kind of discount going on. The weight is 250 ml and there is only one size available so the price is a bit on the highest side. But then again you just need one pump or two to wash your body so one bottle will easily last a family of 4 for at least 1 or 2 months; provided you don’t have monkeys for children who love to waste body shower gels!!! So yes I am very happy with this product and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves of flowery, totally organic and chemical free body cleanser. As for repurchase, I might go for another variant from the company next time because the 2 products that I got have made me a fan of this brand.

The other product I got was the Smoky Rose geranium deep moisture replenishing bath and shower oil.



This oil, as per their direction, can be used on wet skin or clean dry dehydrated skin. The bottle says:


On sopping wet skin or clean dry dehydrated skin, apply Seer Secrets bath & shower oil generously to unravel a glowing nourished skin enveloped in a dewy fragrance.”

There is also another short talk on why a body oil is better than a body lotion and it says:


Indulge in to the Aroma of a thousand roses with this luxurious body oil. With a smoky rose geranium fragnance, this deep moisture replenishing bath and shower oil helps create a sense of hydration and protect skin from wrinkles and sun bursts. We are on a mission to replace your body lotion-forever. Why? Well lotion is just oil & water held together by an emulsifier & it needs to be preserved because it is 60 to 70% water. The switch from lotion to Seer Secrets bath and shower oil will make you fall in love with the way you feel and the way your skin feels all day long.”



As for the ingredients, it is fractionated coconut oil, Cade Essential oil, linalool, geranium Essential oil, Rose extracts, Limonene,Tocopherol which is vitamin E, and almond seed oil.




Now let’s go and see how it looks like and the packaging.

The first thing I liked about. It came in a very sturdy box it had a metal cap opening and inside of it is made of cardboard but of very good quality. The bottle is made up of plastic and there was also a note inside the bottle which talks more about the product like why did they make it what is this and who should use, etc. The bottle inside looks more or less same as the cardboard box outside and like the shower cleanser it does not have a manufacturing date written on the product itself, but it is present in the package.



The outside package also mentioned the best before date (24 months) and the product has the instruction of using it within 6 months of opening.



What I found most unique about this bath oil is the format it comes in; I have used quite a many bath oil, in fact I have been using the Biotique one for a while now but I have never seen a bath oil that comes in a spray form!



The bottle is made of plastic but it is more sturdier than the cleanser bottle; in fact it looks almost like a glass bottle!! So you can easily carry it in your purse or your bag without the fear of it getting broken. Now coming to the product, it is extremely light and free flowing and is pale yellow in colour in the bottle but almost colourless on hand.



The nozzle dispensers just a bit of oil with every spray and it does not spray it in a Mist format like body Mist do but in a stream. So you can pinpoint the exact part of your body you want the oil and it will spray just there and nowhere else!!




As for the smell, it is of course the smell of the rose that predominates but it is not a very strong kind of Rose smell. The rose smell is mellow and I have never smelled geranium to be frank, so I don’t know what a geranium smells like, all I can smell in it is the rose. However, the smell does not stay for long. 

My experience with the product

Like the cleanser, I am in love with this product. The best thing I like about it is how light and yet hydrating the oil is. It is as light as water but will keep your body hydrated for the whole day. I like to apply it on my wet skin just after my bath because I’ve seen it getting absorb more that way then on a dry skin. But the best thing is this all gets totally observed and you won’t have any greasy or sticky feeling neither on your hand nor on your body. I am yet to use it in winter, I have just got it but I think it will do a good job in the winter as it is doing in this frequently changing weather of being hot and humid one day and cold the other. This is a oil you can use all year through if you have a very dry skin like mine and I think even people with normal to combination skin can also use it because as I said, this oil is very easily absorbed, so you don’t have any sticky oil feeling in your body after a good spray of this. Another great thing about the oil is that just a little is dispensed every time and so your bottle will last quite a long time. Plus since it comes in a spray format, there is little chance of spillage and sometimes I think you waste about 25% of all liquid skincare/makeup due to spillage. But with this I am having 0% wastage!! As for repurchase, of course I am going to buy it because I think this will replace all the lotions and everything I have but not immediately because it is a bit pricey coming at Rs 549 for 100 ml; but once all my present body butters, lotions and body oils are over. Maybe I will go for another variation of the body oil from this brand.


Overall Verdict


Seer Secret has fantastic reputation online especially through bloggers and instagrammer. Sometimes if you see such a brand that is been spoken highly of by online influencers, you tend to think that it might not be worth it!! But with this brand, you can truly trust the influencers (a tribe which I am trying to join) and go and order the cleanser and the body oil from this brand. The only thing I did not like is that, the cleanser should have manufacturing date on the product also because no one keeps a cleanser in the package while in use!!!

That’s all for in this post, catch  you in the next!!!

Keep in touch





Disclaimer: Affiliate links used for Amazon products

Liebster Award: Talking about my favorite bloggers and myself

Liebster Award is a way bloggers look out for each other.

Hi friends

It has been weeks since I last posted. Life keeps throwing me curve balls in shape of anxiety attacks and I keep dodging them. But this post is not about that; it is about this beautiful blogger award called Liebster Award. Now you may ask what is a Liebster Award and how come you got nominated for it? Well for starter, it is an award solely for bloggers given by bloggers. Now they don’t give out actual awards, but by mentioning that I love this blogger or that blogger, you are promiting and encourging these bloggers especially if they are newbie like me. In a sense, it is like a chain mail and like any chain mail, once nominated, you can either accept and forward it or abonden it. Of course, I was not going to pass out this oppurtunity to give shoutout to my favorite blogger friends!!

And as for my nomination, I am eternally grateful to Shanthi Arumugan-Vimalan for it. She is an amazing Indian blogger based in Singapore whose blog is not only about beauty, product review and very easy to follow looks, but also about inspirational posts like 90 Day Planning, Girlfriend guide to life and so many more. She is also active in Instagram as well as in her YouTube channel. So don’t forget to check her out, if you are not already following her.

So as a part of this award, I have to answer 11 questions Shanthi has asked me and then I tag 11 other bloggers who I think the world needs to hear more about and ask them my own set of 11 questions. And now, here are the 11 questions Shanthi asked me and my as honest as possible answers to them.

  1. Describe your ‘Aha’ moment for your blog

The ‘Aha’ moment could be the first person who followed me who did not know me or was not a friend of mine in any social media. I love the fact that she came across my blog, decided to spend her time reading it, and then liked my post enough to follow me as well as like the post.

  1. Have you met anyone interesting or famous in your blogging journey?

Every blogger is interesting in his or her own way, but two bloggers have captured my attention due to their unique story. One is Fadi BouKaram who is touring all the cities and towns in USA that are named Lebanon. Another of my favourite blogger are a couple, Julie and Dean. He is a chef and she has a very interesting style of writing and I love their journey of a lifetime through the world.

  1. What could be your ideal working environment to blog?

Ok I will have to very honest about this; the most ideal working environment is my inspiration. I am a very lazy and easily distracted person. I place to write so many blogs, I take the pictures and when it comes to actual writing, I keep putting it behind everything!! Only when I feel very passionate about anything or I know I really need to write this down, do I post. And of course, it has to be in an empty house when the sons are in school and their father is in office, like it is now!

  1. Where would you like to be in your blogging journey in five year’s time?

Humm a tough question. I can’t plan my next blog (which I know is a great crime because to be a successful blogger you need to be consistent), let alone paint a picture of future. But still, realistically I see myself as the blogger people turn to when they need to feel stress free and so read some thing light and frivolous and may be when they feel they need honest review of a product they are planning to buy.

  1. What do you like to do in your spare time?

Well social media and blogging is my spare time work; I work as a freelance admin for a contest sharing website and be the mom/chef/teacher/mediator and of course be bae to my husband in the rest. Oh, if I still have some time, I love reading.

  1. Can you name some of your favourite bloggers and explain why they are your favourite?

Apart from the two bloggers I mentioned, I love reading the blog post my long time friend Indrajeet Lahiri. He is a leading food blogger from Eastern India and his reviews of resturatent and food places have their own unique sense of humour. Another blogger I turn to when I need help with parenting is my sister-in-law Nivedita Mukherjee. She has been an educator, espeically for younger children, for a large part of her life and has amazing parenting advice to give for moms of today.

  1. What was your most challenging in your blooging journey so far?

The most challenging aspect and which is going to be in future as well, is my habit of procrastination and general laziness.

  1. How do you stay motivated to keep your blog running?

I stay motivated by staying in touch with some amazing bloggers. They regularly post about product review, or recipe or just their thought and by reading them, I am motivated to make sure I post at least once a week.

  1. Is blogging your profession or hobby?

At present, it is purely my hobby.

  1. What choices of beverage keeps you company when you blog?

Totally random depending on the time of the day. If it is during day, it can be something as plain as a glass of water to some diet coke. In evening it can be anything from a cup of green tea to a glass of vodka and diet coke!!!

  1. What will your advice be to someone who wants to start a blog?

My advice to someone will be, if you think that there is a voice inside you that wants to be heard, start a blog. Don’t start because it is a “fad” or because you “heard” that bloggers get free stuff; if that becomes your primary motive, then soon you will find no reason to write. I used to write diary when I was a teenager; and this blog is perhaps a better version of that diary. So that will be my suggestion to any blogger who wants to start a blog. Also don’t be afraid of haters and critique; I was also scared by reading how much hate is there on the internet. But since last year I have been very active in all my social media, and frankly, I have come across none of those trolls or haters everyone is so scared of.

So these were my answers and now for my set of 11 questions.

  1. How did you come up with the name of your blog?
  2. Do you have a roadmap for what you are going to post in a month or do you do them as you go?
  3. Which is till date your most favourite post and why?
  4. Do you follow bloggers who are not from your interest area? If so, who is your favourite and why?
  5. Do you make a physical note of what you are going to write before hand or do you do it as you go?
  6. Have you ever faced hate in your comment? If yes, how did you handle it?
  7. How old is your blog? Without going to your blog, can you remember any post you did this month a year ago?
  8. Have you ever done sponsored post? If yes, how do you maintain the balance in being honest to your readers and to your sponsor?
  9. What is your biggest distraction when you are blogging? How do you overcome it?
  10. Do you go over your initial posts and feel they need a change?
  11. Do you think people should start blogging as a hobby or as a career?

And now my list of my 11 favorite blogger

  1. Trisha Rudra
  2. Adele Wright
  3. Esha Dogra
  4. Nivedita Mukherjee
  5. Deborah Miranda
  6. Rhonda Lushington
  7. Dipika Desai
  8. Surabhi Koolwal
  9. Vrushali Gavali
  10. Priya
  11. Makeupmystery


So take a look at their blogs and find new and really promising bloggers.


That’s all for now, see you soon with some more musings.

Lipstick Under My Burkha: A review

So is lipstick under my burkha worth the hype? Read my two cents on this “lady oriented” movie.

If you hadn’t been sleeping like Rip Van Winkle for the last two-three months, then you will know about the movie Lipstick Under My Burkha. It became famous much before releasing because our great ex-CBFC chief deemed it to be too lady-oriented and hence not worthy of release. The makers took the board to court, won the case and the iconic poster of the lipstick as the middle finger was promptly showed everywhere. Unfortunately, it did not release in my city and so I had to wait to see it. Fortunately, it soon came to Amazon Prime and I spend almost a whole night (after everyone was in bed) to watch the movie. Since I am one of the those ladies that the chief thought may get astray after seeing such a film, here are my two scents regarding it.




First of all, what the four protagonists go through, we have been in those situations one way or another. I was lucky that I was born in a middle class Bengali Brahmo family in a metropolitan city; but still there were limitations that I was placed under just for being a girl/woman. True I did not have to wear a hijab every time I stepped out of the house, but as recent as two or three years ago. my paternal aunt made sure I had my dupatta on my body when I was going out in salwar kameez. My college may not have stopped us from wearing jeans, but I was once pulled and scolded by my seniors for wearing a sleeveless dress that had a net neck.


So identifying with the characters was very easy; we all know that girl who wears modest dress in home and changes in the college to go to party or that wife who has to take iPills because her husband does not want to wear a condom. I have seen my friends being torn between their desire to work and be someone and the pressure of getting married to that perfect “boy”. As for the buaji, well I may be a decade younger than her now but I too like to read about the adventures of “Rosy” in the bed while putting my sons to sleep.


This is where the movie flourishes, it presents a very true to life picture of girls/women in various stages of life being stopped at every step by the patriarchal society all around. The rebel in their own way, some foolishly like stealing things and some by boldly confronting their husband’s mistress. The four main actors were perfect for their role and their camaraderie at the end when all of them had been ultimately caught by the society they tried to cheat their way out, was the best.


And now I will say the word that Jon Snow says makes everything said before invalid — “But”. Yes the movie was good, yes the movie was very true to life, but where is the hope? I know I may sound naive and very childish, but when I go to see a movie, I want at least a little ray of hope. And the movie provides none. The characters rebel, they are caught and that’s it. They sit and admit that all their life was a dream and it was the dream that made their present life so intolerable because it was so far from that dream. And the movie ends. There is no hope for future, they don’t even try to fight back especially Konkona’s character as she was most wronged against. So what is the story about? The miserable life of women in India? Sorry we all live that life in one degree or another and see it all around, then why should I spend money and watch it? Why can’t you show me some hope, some courage that may make the struggle next day a little more easier!


Being a lady-oriented movie does not mean you should only show the grim side of life; take a look at “Nil Battay Sannata”. It was also very true to life but it was such an uplifting movie. So my last thought on “Lipstick Under My Burkha” is that, it is a good effort to show the life of women in India especially in small towns, but it ends in a very grim and hopeless manner. I like my movie experience to leave me with some positive feeling. Am I being too simplistic in my wants? Yes may be. After all, when I watch a movie, I want to be entertained. If I want reality, I will watch National Geography or Discovery channel.


So have you watched the movie? What do you think about it? Do tell in the comment.

How To Do A Head To Toe Pampering session At Home

For many people Sunday is the day to rest and pamper; but not to me. It is perhaps one of the most busy days of my week as sons are home and with their father, it is always make this and make that! Monday is no better because it is the start of the week so piles of school uniform to press, etc etc. So Tuesday is the day I look forward to when I am completely alone from 10 AM to 2:30 PM and keep it as my pampering day. So if you are interested to know what is my head to toe pampering session and how you can do it, read one.



First of all, let’s list the things you will need.

  1. A good pedicure/manicure set. I used the Vaadi Herbals pedicue/manicure set, which I have reviewed here.
  2. A good manicure set for trimming your nails.
  3. A big tub where you can soak your feet.
  4. A small bowl to soak your hands.
  5. Footsoak for extra pampering. I used the last of my soap square foot soak along with Divyam foot soak that I got with my July mini pixiedust box.
  6. Foot scrubber. I use my Oriflame one.
  7. A good hair pack. I used Aerth Natural protein hair pack. I have reviewed it along with their body ubtan here.
  8. A good face pack. I used SSCPL modeling clay pack. You can use any pack that is best for your skin.
  9. A body ubtan. I used Aerth Natural one.
  10. A brush to apply the pack and a head band.
  11. Towels


Apart from that, depending on what kind of hair pack you are using, you will need your shampoo and conditioner. And after bath, I used my regular toner, serum and moisturizer.


So ready with these items, let’s start.


First I applied the hair pack because it is supposed to be kept for nearly 2 hours. As I said in my review post, this time I did not mix it with a raw egg, but with curd.




Since I have very short hair now, I did not have trouble applying the pack thoroughly by myself. If you have long hair, you may need help. I tied my head band to make sure any loose hair not falling on my face.


Next I got the tub ready for foot soak. I half filled it with tepid water and placed it near a chair. I also kept a filled bucket nearby as well as an empty bucket. I added whatever was left of my soap square foot soak, very little with the Divyam one into the tepid  water and let the salt melt. Meanwhile I made sure the manicure/pedicure set was nearby as were towels as well as my bowl for hands.





I sat down on the chair and placed my foot in it to soak. In the meantime, I rubbed off my nail polish with a NewU nail polish remover pad and then dipped my hands in the bowl to which I already had added the first product from the Vaadi Herbal manicure set.

I soaked the foot for a good 30 minutes. Within that time, I finished scrubbing, cleaning and trimming my nails. After drying my feet, I proceeded to do the same with my feet.


Next I prepared the face mask as per direction.




I then applied the foot pack from the manicure set to my feet and then used the brush to apply the face pack to my face. Lastly I applied the pack from the manicure set to my hands and waited for everything to dry up.



Of course, I had tuned in to my favorite channel beforehand and enjoyed it while the packs dried. The face pack was supposed to peel off, but it didn’t happen. So I first washed my hands and feet with the water in the bucket, after pouring the used water in the empty one.


Next I used a sponge to wash off the mask. The face was feeling squeeky clean especially on the nose. And it was not at all dry!


So it was time to get the ubtan ready.





After applying it all over the body, I used circular motion to rub it off my skin. When it started to dry a bit, I showered making sure I rubbed off every inch of the body. And of course I washed the hair pack off. The instruction was not to use a shampoo, so I did not use one.


Used a cotton towel to wrap my hair and another to completely dry my body. Next I used my Biotique After Bath Oil all over the body. This amazing oil gets fast absorbed and is a must for dry skin girls like me. Then I followed the regular toner-serum-moisturizer steps for face, and Biotique hair serum for hair.


By now, I was feeling totally rejuvinated. So I thought of taknig it a step further and so did my eyes and lips though I had nowhere to go!!! And of course I had to do my nails and toenails because when I pamper myself, I go extra!!! And also made a big cup of detox green tea to sip while I did my nails!!











So what do you think of my pampering ritual?? Too much or just about right? And how many of this do you do at home?? Don’t forget to tell me all these in the comments below!!


Catch you later friends, tata

Review of Miss Nails nail polishes

If you follow me in Instagram, you will know that I recently bought three nail polishes from Miss Nails. I have been eyeing them since I saw them regularly in the feed of @justadelhigirl. I got a matte, a effects and a Hi-Gloss ones. I also posted the nail art I created with them on 9th July in my Instagram page. So it has been two weeks I am wearing them, and so here is my review of these nail polishes. I got them during the offer of buy 2 get 1 free; so my final bill was Rs. 323 with flat shipping rate of Rs. 25.
But first, a picture of how I am using the thermocol packaging box the polishes came in 😀😀😀😀

Now let’s get on with the reviews.

Miss Nails Hi-Gloss Polish: Lady Luck


It is a pretty pink color with a shine. The name of the shade is written on the side, above the bar code.


The opposite side had all the social accounts. It is same for all three.


The back side is same for all; it declares the five harmful items the polishes do not have along with company details.


The bottom has the manufacturing date. It however did not have any best before date!



The nail polish was very thin and free flowing. It is hardly visible on the applicator if you just dip and open it. Also it needed about 4 coats to become opaque. It also took a lot of time to dry. However, it lasted well. There was no chirping even when my nail broke. And it is still shiny after two weeks.




Miss Nails Effect polish: Too Silver

The look and size of this polish was same as the Gloss. The color is silver with little silver glitters in it. On the website, it is under the category sparkling sugar.


The name is written on the side as the Gloss, but it also mentions the expiry date, which is 3 years. However, the manufacturing date is missing in the bottom. Also, the bottle was very hard to open; I had to use my teeth to open it, damaging the handle!!




This one is my favorite of the three. I thought it was a top coat when I bought it, but it surprised me by being thick and saturated enough to become opaque in one coat. There was no fallout, even after two weeks. And it still feels little textured when I rub my finger over my nail. It also has not chipped at all. The polish is quite thick unlike others of this type and so spreads very easily on nails. And it dried quite fast as well.




Miss Nails Matte Polish: Choco Loco


The matte polish is mauvish nude in color. Everything is the same as the other two, only this one has both manufacturing date and expiry date!!




The polish turned matte the moment it touched my nails. It is almost opaque in one coat, but for the color to come out good, you need two. It seems to dry up instantly, but can be damaged if you press it. Still, it dried up completely quite fast. Among the three, this has chipped the most in two weeks, but in one nail only. The other nail is fine, even when the nail broke.



Final words

For 149 Rs, these polishes are a great bargain. The mattes are definitely better than the Gloss. Size wise, they are more economical than Stay Quirky ones that are about 6 ml and around same price range; but Miss Nails triumph over them because you are getting 10 ml. Which is why I will rate them over both Sugar polishes as well as Nykaa ones because though they provide similar result but are costlier. Another great thing about the polish is that, it promises not to leave yellow nails behind! And it didn’t! After removing the polishes (I used the nail wipes from Dabur NewU nail polish remover pads) none of them looked yellow! The Hi gloss one was easiest to remove and the effect one the hardest because of the texture, but one wipe removed everything. You may have difficulty removing the effect polish (the variant was sparkling sugar) with a cotton ball because it will stick to the little glitter particles. And the particles do tend to spread on the sides when you are removing it.


As for cons, I did not like was their information sharing in bottles; some had more information than others. It should be same, in my opinion. Secondly, it is not easily available online. Only Amazon seems to stock it, but very few colors are available. Also the bottles look different. So the best option is to buy from their website.

In conclusion, if you are a nail polish hoarder like me, do check them out.  They have some great colors; but if I am buying again, I will be going for the matte ones because they have better color range.

Hope you like the review. Do tell if you have used this brand and what your experience was.




Jagga Jasoos: A Review 

Recently watched the movie Jagga Jasoos and was stuck with how much nostalgia the movie invoked in me

If you are a child of 80s from a middle class bengali “bhadralok” family, there are certain things you did growing up. You read Tintin in Bengali in Anandamela, waited for their yearly pujo barshiki edition to read the adventure of Gogol, Feluda, Kakababu Santu, Arjun and others. You had your own famous five in form of Pancha Pandav, and eagerly waited for their latest escapade. Your parents insisted you see or took you to see movies like “Goopi gyan bhaga byan”, “Hirok Rajar deshe” and discussed if not with you, then in front of you,  about plays, movies by the great directors like Satyajit Ray or Ritvik Ghatak. You knew what was happening in the world because your father hotly debated about them with his friends from all kinds of political parties in their weekly card games and insisted that you read the newspaper. Why I am saying all these? Because Jagga Jasoos is what happens when you grow up Bengali and remember your childhood.


I don’t know how old Anurag Basu is, but after seeing the movie, I am sure he is a 80s kid like me. I won’t spoil the fun by telling you the story, but I will tell what I felt after watching the movie. First of all, it is a visual treat. There is a comic book feel to it, especially, as said before, in the tune of Tintin. Even the hair of Ranbir was designed like that!! Second the music. It is funny and the rhymed dialogues or songs that Jagga sings, are so reminiscent of the dialogues between Hirok raja and his courtiers.



Ranbir is excellent as the teenage detective, he has that young innocent face that makes you undergo “a suspension of disbelief” and accept him as a young boy. Saswata is our Generation’s Utpal Dutta; he can make you laugh as a common man getting a genie to fulfill all his wishes, give you the chills as the most cold blooded contact killer, and here,  make you laugh in one scene and then make you cry in next. Katrina was ok, she was perfect as the foreign returned bumbling journalist.


Now whether the movie will be a hit or not depends on who is watching. If it is someone like me, it will be a journey back to your childhood when Puja holiday meant new detective stories. But I can understand that very few people will get the joke of a hotel named “Agapastala” or a station called “Tiktiki” or a country called “Shundi”. They may not connect the pair running through a grass field to catch a steam train with the scene of two siblings running through “Kashphool” to catch a glimpse of a steam train. Or how the knife throwing scene made me remember another favorite childhood movie, “Jai Baba Felunath”. I understood the need for Mr. Basu to add a segment about what is happening in the world and how much apathy we middle class have towards problems not affecting us directly. And I loved it and so did my mom and most audience in the hall. The fact that my hard to please eldest son also enjoyed the movie gives me hope that  today’s video game and YouTube generation will also enjoy this madcap adventure.


So if you have not watched the movie yet, catch it as soon as possible. And take your children too for it is truly a family movie.

Review of Aerth Natural Products

Recently got two products from the all-natural brand Aerth Naturals in a subscription box, and here is a review of them

Hi there friends, hope you are all doing well. I know I am writing a post after a long time, but I promise you, I will be boring you in coming weeks because I have plenty of posts planned (I was using products I wanted to review). So let’s start with today’s products.

Today I am going to review two products from Aerth Natural. Both of them came as part of a subscription box, and as usual I have forgotten which one and which month!! But most probably in May. Anyway, the brand is all natural and is SLEs free, SLS free, Paraben free and they don’t taste on animals. Also no artificial fragrance is used in their product. They are based in Uttarakhand.

Aerth Naturals Hair Protein Pack

So going ahead, the first product on review is their Hair Protein Pack. It came in a zip lock pouch with the subscription box, but in Amazon, they are available in bottles. The price for 150 gm is Rs 325 which is highly reasonable, because, it clearly instructs that until you have a massively damaged hair, you shouldn’t use it more than once in a month! Yes, you read it right, you have to use it once a month. Which is why the expiry date is also very less, mine is manufactured in March with October as the expiry month. If you have long hair and not short like mine, you will finish it before that. The key ingredients include green grams, black grams, soyabean, sesame, fenugreek, curry leaves (I know, I know it sounds more like a recipe for a dish than hair pack!), ginger lily, Almond powder and Vacha (which I have no idea about).





So I took it to my downstairs neighbor/friend/hair stylist/beautician, and we planned on doing it on both of our hairs. The instructions were to mix the powder with either banana, curd, raw milk or egg; and we decided to go with egg. We used 1 egg for about 3/4th cup product. As per instruction, we kept it aside for an hour. After an hour, it looked something like this:


And smelled horrible!!!


It applied easy, there was not much dripping. My hair looked like this after the application:




As it started to dry up, the hair became very stiff, which I think was more due to the egg than the pack. This is how I looked after 1.5 hours and just before going to bath:




The instruction said to wash it off with lukewarm water and my hair did feel soft afterwards, but the smell of raw egg was just yuck! So I applied my shampoo but did not use conditioner. I just used my Biotique leave in serum for color treated hair instead, after drying my hair.

My opinion: I have used it just once, but it looked promising on the first try. I purposefully did not wash my hair for the next five days, and it stayed soft and well nourished! There was a shine to the hair and I noticed almost no hair fall. So I will say a good buy. But as with any product, it depends on individual. For example, my neighbor was not that impressed with it. Also next time, I am not using egg for sure!


Aerth Naturals Body Ubtan with Oats


Now let’s go the the Body Ubtan. This is a oats body ubtan and the main ingredients were wheat flour, barley, oats, chickpeas, turmeric, licorice, Ashwagandha or winter cherry and Trifala. It came in a 100 gm jar and the price is Rs 325. The expiry date is decent, a year.







As per the instruction, you can mix it with raw milk/curd/aloe vera or water and I preferred raw milk because my skin is very dry. I just took about 2 tablespoon as I meant to use it on my sons too. It looked something like this:




The instruction for use was to wet your body and apply it. So it is best to use in shower. The boring part will be the wait for 15 minutes or until it dries off completely. I opted for the second option and looked like a green alien!! Anyway it washed off well, of course your bathroom will be dirty, but the good news is, the residue melt in water and so it will go down the drain.

My opinion: This was the first ubtan I used that I bought. I generally use homemade one like one made with besan. And I was very happy with the result. My skin was squeaky clean and not dry at all. The result on my sons were more better; you know young boys and their neck!! It just cleaned all the dirt there! So a definite buy for me.


In conclusion, the products deliver on what it promises. I will definitely go for the ubtan; the hair pack I need to use one more time to be confident about. You can find them in Amazon here and here.

Until the next post, take care and stay beautiful.